John chapter 14 verse 2
(John 14:2)

John 14:2 In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.

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In John 14:2 the relationship between God Almighty and our soul atman has been made explicitly clear by Jesus Christ. In unequivocal terms Jesus Christ has stated the relationship between God Almighty and his children. Terming God Almighty as my Father... the essence of our soul atman being of the same nature as Almighty God has been made clear.

Before we elaborate further I would emphasize here that Jesus Christ in Bible talks of Jesus Christ as a liberated soul atman and not his physical self... the manifest form of a human being.

As long we treat Jesus Christ a human being... the manifest physical form... we shall not digest the ingrained wisdom of the Bible. It is only when we see Jesus Christ as an enlightened being... one who has reached the end of his cosmic journey... the 8.4 millionth manifestation... the pearls of wisdom contained in Bible would never unfold before us.

In every discussion... in every chapter and verse of the Sacred Bible... the reference to Jesus Christ has to be understood in terms of an enlightened being. One who has reached the portals of the kingdom of God!

In other words devoid of all dross contained within Jesus Christ had become a pure soul! It is only in the end part of the journey when one gains enlightenment that the ephemeral part of life is left behind forever.

Perceiving Jesus Christ as a human being, personifying Jesus Christ as a human being has been the goal of many in the Vatican! The truth is otherwise. The moment Jesus Christ... a true son of God gained enlightenment... he reached the point of no return. Thereafter it was a straight journey to the kingdom of God.

And in his pure state as a liberated soul, Jesus Christ has defined his relationship with the omnipotent Father. If a grain of sand is a liberated soul... then the whole mound of sand is what we know as God Almighty. The essence of both is the same.

If we truly desire understanding the kingdom of God and God Almighty... we need to logically infer and digest the relationship between the Father and the son.

In the spiritual world there is only one type of relationship that exists between God Almighty and his creation. This is the relationship of Father and son and daughters. There is no other relationship that exists beyond the Father, son and daughter trio.

All other relationships are meant for the physical manifested world. In the world of the Father and the souls atmans... it is the relationship of the Father and son and daughters that alone exists.

If the Jesus Christ says, "In my Father's house are many mansions"... it simply implies that every soul atman in the Cosmos has a specific job to complete. No two souls atmans in the Cosmos can ever have the same goal in cosmic life.

This concept is best explained by the example of a puzzle. We may have seen many puzzles in our life. As a child we must have dismantled and assembled many puzzles to complete them. It was only then a regular shape came out of the whole game. Unless and until the puzzle was completed... something remained amiss.

In the house of God... the Almighty God desires assembling the whole puzzle at the earliest. Every single soul atman... every individual piece of puzzle has to gain enlightenment and reach the kingdom of God. The moment the last piece of puzzle makes it to the kingdom of God... it is the time for the dissolution of the whole Cosmos.

The beginning of an end... and immediately after starts a new cosmos... a new beginning with a big bang. All the assembled pieces of the puzzle... all purified souls atmans in their pristine glory... combined together form half the size of a thumb... unable to remain in their cosmic glory for long again explode with a big bang.

I again repeat... God Almighty is the completed puzzle and every individual soul atman being part of the bigger puzzle we call Almighty God.

No human being... any living being can ever become a part of the puzzle. The physical manifested body is but to decay and die. The absolute truth lies within the body. It is the truth of our real self... our soul the atman within our heart that is the real crux of life.

Unless and until the body loses its value... and the soul atman within gets liberated forever... no son or daughter of God can ever unite with the omnipotent Father in the kingdom of God. The physical manifest form carries no significance in the house of God. The kingdom of God is open to all souls' atmans in their purified state only.

Whenever we talk of ourselves as children of God... we need to understand that as a child of God we need to reach the state of enlightenment and gain salvation. It is only then one can reach the kingdom of God aka Vaikuntha in Hinduism.

The statement "In my Father's house are many mansions" makes it clear that every single piece of the puzzle (the soul atman within) plays a specific role in the cosmic system. Does this mean that every soul atman in the Cosmos has a very specific purpose of life... yes, that is true!

It is this specific purpose of life that every physical manifest form... the form of a human being is supposed to search in life. Until we know of our goal in life... we continue living a mundane life devoid of all pleasures and richness. Riches not of physical possessions but of inner peace within!

Of all the queries I receive most are from the Western countries seeking insights about Hinduism. People all over the world desire to know the various aspects of Hinduism beliefs.

My humble submission to all is... Do not run after Hinduism or its beliefs. Rather... try to understand the Bible from an unbiased point of view.

The ingredients contained in Hinduism or the Bible is the same. The language is different. Whatever is available in the sacred scriptures of Hinduism... most is available in the Bible. Hinduism primarily makes it absolutely clear that Almighty God is the bigger puzzle and every individual soul atman is part of the puzzle.

And what is Yoga... stated simply Yoga means every soul atman in the Cosmos trying to merge with the supreme soul Almighty God in the Cosmos. Try understanding the puzzle theory and it is Bible half explained.

As long as we try to perceive Jesus Christ as some supernatural being... someone other than the ordinary... we deceive ourselves! Why of all the circumstances would Jesus Christ be born in a barn leaving apart the ramparts of a kingdom? For the simple reason that God Almighty wanted the poorest of the poor not feeling deprived.

Jesus Christ truly was one amongst the ordinary. In his lifetime he pursued his spiritual career vigorously and gained enlightenment in the end. He desired reaching the kingdom of God in his lifetime and he succeeded in that.

If Jesus Christ says, In my Father's house are many mansions he simply means that for every individual soul atman a separate compartment has been reserved. This is also true for no part of the puzzle can take the place of other. Similar is the case with liberated souls and atmans reaching the kingdom of God.

Every liberated soul atman gets ones own compartment... an individual entity! And this is what makes the cosmic system unique in itself.

Furthering the discussion Jesus Christ says I go to prepare a place for you. What does he mean by that? He simply means that to reach the kingdom of God you need to follow the path that was taken by Jesus Christ.

At no point of time in this teachings of the Bible has Jesus Christ implied that he was only true son of God. As in Hinduism and Jainism... every single human being has the right to become a Jesus Christ, Prophet Mohammed, Gautama Buddha or Mahavira.

Mahavira the 24th Tirthankara of Jainism specifically emphasized that every human being has the potential to become a Mahavira. According to Mahavira the sum and substance of life was to reach the kingdom of God aka Vaikuntha in Hinduism at the earliest.

If we consider the status of Jesus Christ totally unapproachable and of a superior level than us most... yes, after gaining enlightenment he reached the highest pedestal of life. But before that he was a normal mortal... a seeker of spirituality.

The dogma that none can take the place of Jesus Christ is the biggest misnomer of all times. Every human being shall one day become liberated... become one like Jesus Christ, Prophet Mohammed, Gautama Buddha or Mahavira. This is the only crux of life.

Jesus Christ gained enlightenment then salvation and finally reached the kingdom of God. For a mortal human being to reach the kingdom of God in the physical manifest form is beyond comprehension.

Most in this world desire to go to heaven after the death of their body without ever realizing even the meaning of Heaven. Kingdom of God and kingdom of heaven are absolutely different things. We shall elaborate on this point in a different article.

Jesus Christ makes it explicitly clear here that to reach the kingdom of God... one need to gain enlightenment within this life. Without that nothing was possible in the kingdom of God.

In the spiritual domain... dwelling on the literal meaning of the texts carry no meaning. This is the biggest mistake made by human beings pursuing the spiritual path.

The sayings of Jesus Christ are to be interpreted in terms of the inner meaning carried by them. Jesus Christ reached the portals of the kingdom of God not in his physical manifest form... he was just a cluster of pure energy... a combination of atoms and molecules in absolutely pure state.

This purity is only achieved after one gains enlightenment and reaches the stage of salvation aka moksha in Hinduism. Buddhists call it Nirvana. Call it by any name... the meaning of all remains the same. Pursue any path in life... read the Bible, Koran or the sacred scriptures of Hinduism... you shall all reach the same goal.

The kingdom of God is one and only one. Every single piece of puzzle but goes back to ensemble with the bigger puzzle... the Almighty God himself!

May God bless all pursuing the spiritual goal of Life!

Note: The Bible interpretation commentary by Vijay Kumar... the Man who Realized God in 1993 would become clear only when read with an unbiased and open mind. In the kingdom of God all are equal... God Almighty does not differentiate between Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed.

Having gained enlightenment and finally salvation... these man gods reached the kingdom of God in their lifetime. All paths... all religions and spirituality lead one towards the one and only final goal... the abode of God aka Vaikuntha in Hinduism.

Essay By: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

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